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Full Version: Simian flu not unlocked
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I just completed all those 7 plagues (bacteria -> biohazard) on Brutal and no other content got unlocked.
Before I completed these plagues it was written in the game that simian flu and that vampire virus gonna unlock after finishing these. Now theres just a lock on them and I cant play it. Any suggestions please?
OS: android

Thank you.
Thanks for getting in touch. Could you please check if Neurax Worm got unlocked? All the Special plagues unlock one at a time, following the pattern of the Standard plagues. So, beating Neurax Worm on brutal unlocks Necroa Virus etc.

No it didnt. If I select neurax worm theres only a option to buy it or watch video. If I click on watch video option it is not doing anything.
Could you please report this issue through our support page, and include screenshots of your disease select screen? It sounds like something has goine wrong here and I want to be sure we can respond a bit more promptly than through this forum. Smile
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