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Full Version: Can't change the language
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Hi there,
I can't change the language in the settings(default is simplified Chinese), the language item just empty if i pressed the left or right arrow.

Game version: 1.9.1
Device: Android

[Image: 3HdpWbF.png][/php]
Interesting. You can try left arrow a few times, then force-close the app (from multitask bar as well) and start again. It will load in a different language and hopefully language names will be shown there.
Hi Mario,

I try several time as you mention but got the same result(can't change the language and empty item), I also try to wipe the APP data or re-install the APP but not luck.
I notice there are some comments encounter the same bugs in the play store.
Any suggestions?

p.s. my device is New HTC One (m7)
Hmm, it's an Android version so it's best to contact android@miniclip.com as Miniclip handle the technical side of the Android version for us.
Maybe it's a known issue and they will be able to help.
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