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Full Version: Film Maniac Achievement brain-storm
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Greetings, fellow humans.

I would like to start a discussion regarding the Film Maniac achievement.
Film Maniac is an achievement introduced in very recent update and to achieve it you should, quote, "Recreate the setting of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes film".
This achievement is currently done by 0% players, information about it is not available on current forums, anywhere else in web or steam groups.

So, humans, let us unite our knowledge and find a way to complete this challenge!

This is my research I performed so far. As you can see, I started it from watching the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie, since it is a prequel to the Dawn.
But I can give no guarantee that this research will mean anything, since achievement description mentions only the Dawn movie.
So far those are details I gathered from Rise:
1) The starting country is USA.
2) Original method of transition is bloodstream. First versions of virus needed to be injected.
3) Virus originally has only one host for 8 years. The only symptom was increased intellegence and green iris.
5) After 8 years a first human host was infected. He shown the great increase in intelligence.
6) New symptom discovered - virus is tampering with immune system and eventually wears off. Intellegence returns to original levels.
7) New method of transition is introduced - in form of gas. I say it should count as airborne.
8) New cymptom introduced - coughting out own blood.
///possible that fighting ability was introduced between 5 and 6 in a scene where Ceaser attacked a human.
9) New symptom introduced - sweating. The guy from the labs who was exposed to the gas was sweating a lot when he knocked on doc's door.
///possible that colony ability was introduced in scene when Ceaser dominated the animal control compound. Count it as 9b.
///Also possible that tool-wielding ability was introduced in scene where Ceaser used a knife-stick axe as tool. Count it as 8b.
///Possible introduction of insect trasmition method in scene when the animal control compoud worker is being bitten by a mosquito. Though this worker never coughed his blood in following scenes. Count it as 9c.
10) Monkeys escaped the animal control compound and obtained intelligence. Probably the rise of the apes ability introduction, but they escaped from the compund - not the research facility. Though it was demonstrated that those monkeys received green iris - I am still unclear on that one.
11) Icarus entering Mars atmosphere was shown in the news. It is possible that this event will be shown in game.
12) Second death was caused by bleeding all over the place from all possible holes. I am pretty sure that combination of symptoms doing that was presented before the Dawn of the update. Though it is possible that ammount of blood was added by director for more dramatic effect.
I already have this achievement. I think all I did was start in the US, and I might have named the pathogen ALZ-113.
I completed the several playthroughts with same conditions and it yielded no achievement.
I got this achievement, but have no idea how I got it. Never started my plague in the US, though.

I think you just have to have more intelligent apes than humans?
Well, that would be a disappointment.
Meanwhile I tried to play with only those symptoms which enhance the intelligence and idling for a while.
There will be some non-priority news about drug needing more testing, how epic is it and etc, but eventually it still will outbreak.

I suspect that game starts at the moment when lab assistant was infected and facility contamination was breached.
113 had airborne transmition at this moment, caused humans to cough their own blood, increased their intelligence with a chance of triggering immune system.
Gonna try that combination next time.
yeah, I think you must star with air transmision, and think in the movie from there...

AND, remember, the new film:

The first movie, show you the way of evolve the disease BEFORE of the rise of the apes... And, the second movie, after.

I saw again the first movie yesterday, and probably I'm going to be the newest on the next week, on the cinema.
I got it without starting in the U.S. (I started in China.) I had every country but Greenland infected, and I got the achievement when moving apes to Greenland. I maxed out fomite transmission if it means anything.

You also don't have to win to get it, apparently - I lost the game I got the achievement in.

Quote:113 had airborne transmition at this moment, caused humans to cough their own blood, increased their intelligence with a chance of triggering immune system.
Gonna try that combination next time.

My disease didn't have hemoptysis or any of the neuro-enhancement symptoms to start - in fact, it didn't evolve at all, and got discovered because some lab worker had traces of a foreign pathogen on him or something, which made completing the game a real pain in the ass (I did lose in the end.) I think I evolved total brain death later, but the disease did little to no evolving on its own in the run I attempted.
I got it..... but I don't know how on the IOS.
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