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Full Version: Update dates pls! And some idea!
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Hi everyone, I dont know if only me have this problem but I think the dates are incorrect. Because when you are in the year 2015, the game speaks to me about London 2012 Huh And it happens in 2017 with Brazil World Cup too. I think in the coming updates the game can put things like:

Russia World Cup 2018 or Brazil 2016, for example.

Aside of this, I think we can add another important dates like in February (14) increase infected people if you have infection by kiss. And another special dates, that was an example.

A greeting from Spain Big Grin
I also noticed that some events are delayed, but I don't think that is a major issue.

I also think, that a great idea to enrich the game, would be adding, for instance sport events like Euro, The Olympics and World Cups.

You can post your idea to the "Collection of ideas" to attract more people to it Wink

Greetings from Poland
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