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Full Version: Multiplayer vs. Evolutionary Options.
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To change the strategy of the game somewhat there should be a special tab of evolutions for multiplayer that effect one or more of your opponents. To make these even more interesting as far as strategy by only allowing the players to select one target opponent may work better.

"Hitchhiker" - Your disease takes advantage of a hosts weakened immune system. Your disease is more infectious to any individual already infected with a disease.

Competitive Exclusion - Your disease takes advantage of less used resources that other diseases don't take advantage of. Your disease is more infectious to healthy people in any infected region (any disease must exist there already).

Colicins - Your disease produces toxins which attack other diseases. No increase to infection rate, but all other diseases have a reduced infection rate in regions which are infected by your disease. This may also affect research on the opposing disease (healthy people use this toxin to help create a cure for that disease).

Co-evolution - Your disease gains three mutations that another disease has already gained.

Motility - Your disease is more likely to move away from other diseases. Your disease is less infectious in any other infected region, but is dramatically more infectious in any region not yet infected. (Also potential increased water survivability.)

Direct Competition - Your disease uses the same resources as the target disease. The target disease is much less likely to infect those infected with your disease, and your disease is less likely to infect those infected by the target's disease. (This may also affect research for bother diseases.)

Parent sub-species - Your disease and the target disease are genetically related. Your research values swap (to a limited degree, a disease cannot be eliminated with this choice), however, any country studying both diseases with have bonus research against this player's disease.

I would like to hear your thoughts. It would definitely leave more options for multiplayer and create a lot more interaction between the diseases. Those are my thoughts anyway.

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