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Full Version: Terminator Virus
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Following the linking of the disease to the planet of the apes movies perhaps you could do something like terminator. You are skynet trying to spread to the whole world. Run it something like the zombie plague. You have transmission methods and symptoms to infect the worlds computers. If you can manage to get them all you win, but you also have the option of devoting resources towards terminators (aka zombies) if you run into a problem.

Along a slightly different line there is the concept of something like vampires. That is a disease that could be really interesting to play. You are the vampire virus, and you work to increase your ability to infect and the strength of your turned minions.

This games engine could also do things like a predator species that evolves to eat us. Something like sentient wolves, or alligators, or mice. Kinda like the zombie and ape virus, but instead of having to manage a disease and use the zombie/ape as backup you just focus on the creature. While the ape virus is being discussed though I think something needs to be done about the way that system works. Evolving the apes feels more like something you do to prevent the research from going to fast. Given how significant an event that is, and the fact that you can still loose if you dont kill all the humans it needs some tweaks. If the apes can kill the humans off then its alot like the zombie plague. If you dont want to go that route maybe make the apes more significant in some way. Basically when I do that disease I wait to evolve the apes until I have to, they are mostly a detriment.
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