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Full Version: New special disease
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So,what would be the next special disease?Lets talk about it.
The ''Simian Flue'' introduced new game mechanics,like the construction of stationary objects(ape camps) and new effects(the flying robots)-so,Ndemic is going to make the next plague even more interesting and intricate.I just hope,that it would be my Digital virus idea,or the Crysstaline blight,or maybe the Sanguine Plague(There are zombies,intelligent apes,neandertals-so why not add some vamps?),but,life is not a dream,so it would be not my plagues,but something else...A new film based disease?A Leviathan virus?A mekstrom disease?Write your ideas in the commentsBig Grin
I thought of such a scenario:
The world isn't the same anymore. Tension is rising over a regional conflict. Quickly it becomes a serious war between the west and the east. Countries are growing stronger and preparing their most efficient weapons against each other. Who will be first to launch a nuke? What are going to be the effects of a radiation sickness? Will people start to mutate creating a yet unknown danger?

What I basicly thought of, was a radiation sickness later evolving into mutants. It could have a mechanism similar to Necroa or Simian but with new options. There could be states of mutation, which you would have to upgrade in order to become more powerful.
Ok I just read it is similar to Your crystal mutants. Still I think that a radiation illness would be cool Big Grin
To me it seems either anti-pathogen or robotization are next.

I have a thought. What if there's a plague that causes ALL animals to become intelligent, not just apes?
It was probably enough with the simian flu tho.
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