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Full Version: Accessibility option
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I have a friend that unfortunately suffered a stroke about 5 years ago, the 'young person high blood pressure' kind. It's left him with little control of one arm and slowed reactions.
I logged into steam on his computer and let him try the game and he really enjoyed it, but...
Even with his mouse's ability to map keys (he has to play one handed but has one of those two dozen button mice) he finds things just a bit fast (popping bubbles in time and such) even on normal speed, even trying to 'oh bubble hit pause now pop now unpause'. Maybe the ability to flip to say, slow motion where the bubbles and such last longer (at least on normal and easy) would be a useful feature? He was always an avid gamer and I'd purchase him a copy if it was just a little more, I guess, casual because he did seem to enjoy it.
About poping bubbles i have solution when he goes to menu insert gene insert metabolic hijack,that automaticaly pops red and yellow bubbles for player.

If your friend can't unlock it,download full save.
How about assigning the thumb button of the mouse to the space key? Simple pause / resume.
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