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Full Version: Ever have infectivity almost grind to a halt in a certain country?
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Not sure if this is just me, but sometimes infectivity just seems to grind almost to a halt in one country while other countries are still having the disease spread like normal. I've had this happen in Canada, Morocco, and China.
I've also had this in Canada with the Fungus. I had cold resistance 2 and although Greenland and Iceland infected pretty quickly, I had to wait 2 years for whole Canada to infect (I didn't mutate any symptoms, so the disease was unspotted Smile) I don't know why this happens though :/.
But for instance, I had in Greenland and Iceland 7 infected for a long time, leveling up cold resistance helped Smile.
(24-07-2014 07:33 AM)brolegion Wrote: [ -> ]It is necessary to develop up to the end resistance to drugs.

I've had this happen in China, where no sort of resistance is needed.
I've had some countries stall even when everything was really good for that country. For example, I had greenland get about halfway then just... stop on a bacteria that started in Russia (so cold adjusted) with all 3 levels of bacterial hardening, Cold 1+2, Hot 1+2, and the 'super shell'. plus about 70% infectivity.

In fact if I remember that game, I was going nicely along and figured I had it won so started on the fun stuff (necrosis, total organ failure) and lost because greenland had some few thousand uninfected people left. (I think that when you've got disease that includes corpses infecting uninfected people that the game should continue with some very small infection rate from the dead (accidental finds of corpses in appartments, say) until a cure is deployed.

However if you look at the news briefs that pop up that may explain some of that; for example, if it's a rural country and you have livestock transmission and they begin limiting livestock movements it may slow the disease down.

Similarly an urban country might begin exterminating rats.

I think the infection levels from transmission vectors can be (more effectively) overridden by in-game events than the infection levels you gain from symptoms.
I don't know? The developer (Ndemic Creations) should definitely check it out!
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