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Full Version: Oh! Oh! ... well, crap. :/
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Hey there! I love playing Plague Inc on my phone. It is fantastic, and perfect for those days when I just need to kill everyone on the planet. LOL

I was so excited when I saw that the PC version was finally available, but all my excitement faded away when i saw that it was only available on Steam.

I am a very loyal gamer who is also very much against DRM (and there is no doubt that Steam is DRM, no matter what anyone claims). Are there any plans to make Plague Inc: Evolved available DRM-free through a portal like GOG.com?

Ndemic, I love your game. I would seriously pay twice the Steam price JUST to not have to use Steam, but if it remains tied up in DRM, I'll sadly have to pass.

(NOTE: This is a serious request directed at the makers of the game. I'm not interested in squabbling with people about how much you love Steam, so please keep those comments to yourself. Thanks.)
I'm afraid for now we want to stick to Steam - potentially in future we may look at other distribution platforms but for now, and certainly while the focus is on getting Plague Inc: Evolved out of Early Access, it will remain on Steam.
Okay. I can understand that- especially if you're using Steam's Early Access as sort of a way to crowdfund the game's completion. I'll have to stick with the mobile game and pass on the PC version for now, BUT the minute it is finished and comes available on another platform, I'll be the first to sign up! I'll keep checking back, and keep up the great work!
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