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Full Version: Oiligarchy inc
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Hi, i was playing with this idea for a while. When i played the game that inspired Plague inc (Pandemic2) i liked the game for it's strategy and cool concept, and then plague inc took things to a new level. So i was wondering if the same could be done for another browser game i am really fond of - Oiligarchy.

For those of you who don't know it, you play as an oil magnate who must exploit the world's oil for profit and evulz. The game is somewhat similar to pandemic/plague inc but still different, Could this game be improved and remade by Ndemic? I would love to spread my oil empire throughout the world, bribe corrupt governments, rig the us elections s that i have more pro-oil reps in senate etc.

The game is full of interesting concepts and it has the potential to grow as much as Plague inc grew from Pandemic 2, so i want to know your opinions on this.
I think it is a great idea, though not for now. The game is in early development and many, many things are upgraded, completed or added. But when the "hustle" winds down, it would be a decent idea Wink
Support~But Let them Finish the Game First its still in Early Development
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