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Full Version: Scenario Idea
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What better then Artificial Organs you ask? CYBORGS! Similarly to A.O, we have Cyborgs. People get the technology to turn people into Cyborgs. When this happens every one scrambles to get 1. The Cyborgs however are more vulnerable to disease, from uninsulated blood vessels and no immune system. Cyborgs don't need immune systems, right? Wrong! The next big disease can be the next big disaster! Without an immune system you are easily infected. This disease will target major organs that even a cyborg needs, electrical part that the disease can destroy, and the brain. If you're disease is noticed, then you can get a popup saying,

"Cyborgs immune system"
Scientist have made a new advancement in cyborg technology for generations to last! The new Cyborg immune system creates antibodies based on the symptoms you have from the latest outbreak."

This decreases Infectivity by half, maybe all.

The only way to counteract this is with Internal hemorrhage and coma.

Another way you can counteract this (2 choices or both, there all ideas) is to get Pain Killer System Failure. What this does is deactivates the electrical parts needs to stop the pain from the parts of you're body that was removed. If you think about it you would be in pain if you were disassembled and reassembled, wouldn't you? If you add this to insanity you will get a popup saying this

"Shocking Cyborgs!"
"People who turned into cyborgs are now jumping into the nearest pool of water from the mass amount of pain. Scientist say that the Pain Killer System was shut down some how."

After seeing that you get a huge amount of lethality, more so then when you got P.K.S.F.

P.K.S.F can cost
20-30 DNA on Casual mode - Normal mode
On Brutal and Mega-Brutal i can be as high as 50-51 DNA, depending on how many people are infected.

Joke idea:
You could how ever call them Cyborg men as a reference to Cyber Men from Doctor Who.

P.K.S.F - Pain Kill System Failure
A.O - Artificial Organs
Does any one have any thoughts about this idea?
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