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Full Version: iOS button/bubble arrangement
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I have noticed that on my iOS version of PIE that the placement of the options button right on/above Alaska, News right on/above Greenland, and Date/Speed controls above most east end of Russia have all ended up being quite aggravating.

Any time I try to start a plague in Canada (i.e. first time bacteria "Belieberism"), every time a bubble popped up (mostly DNA bubble, sometimes Cure) it would be behind the options menu button and I wouldn't be able to pop it, I would just end up opening the menu over and over again, screaming at the game to give me my dang points. I swear it's programmed to only pop up on Alaska. I have similar problems when I start a plague in Greenland, but it's less frequent that the bubble appears behind the News button compared to the issue I have with starting in Canada. Russia seems to be a rare case with the bubbles getting too close to the speed controls and date.

Is there anything that can be done in future patches so that the bubbles are above the buttons? Move the News button/feed to the bottom of the map in front of Antarctica and the options to the middle of the Pacific so they're both out of the way? Program the bubbles to appear away from the buttons?

No, my fingers aren't fat Tongue
Hope this hasn't brought up already, and I really hope I'm not the only one having these issues.
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