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Full Version: District 9 Prawn Virus (Or something Similar)
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It might be an old movie... but that black fluid stuff that infects Wikus is just amazing innovation for a new Plague~! I mean we've already created alternate timelines to adopt the Simian Flu into the game, why can't we adopt something like the Prawn Virus or at least something different into the game?

It would commence with a UFO crashing on earth and being seized by Government Officials. After some time studying the alien lifeforms, an strain of alien DNA is used to try to cure cancer or something like that. After succession and the commencing of human trials, Patient Zero turns out to be turning into an Alien Lifeform.

I don't know what you guys could do with it, but this sort of plague would be interesting to see.
This is a really cool idea - it's a favourite film of the Ndemic team Smile
Thanks for replying, I've almost beat the whole game on Mega Brutal
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