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Full Version: Biocryogenic Virus
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Similar to the Bioincendiary virus but instead of fire being created inside the body, its ice... and LOTS of it!

Imagine a virus that forces the body to freeze from the inside out, or get impaled from the inside out via razor-sharp icicles, or explode from the expansion of freezing fluids (I know water's surface area increases when it freezes... so imagine water freezing while its inside you O.o~)

Watcha guys think?
At least, not my type of stuff. While I don't mind when you ignore biology, I do mind ignoring the basic principles of physics. And the physics say, no freezing inside of the host without a multi-compartment machinery. ... Actually, this is the exact wording.
I know you won't like it, considering your passion for exploding bodies, but even if you would freeze a human being in a split second (something we cannot achieve with classic physics I'm afraid), it wouldn't explode.
Just a little experiment for the lolz: If you would freeze water from 38°C (994kg/m³) to -80°C (927kg/m³), then you would have a increase of water volume of about 6,7%. Our dear test person, let's call her Chell, has a average weight of 68 kg (not for standards of the US) and contains a maximum of 37,4 L (55%) of water. Her total density is 1,02 kg/m³, her total volume is 66,7 L. When Chell is being deep frozen in a second, her total volume will increase to 69,2 L (neglecting the changing density of all the other stuff), which equals an overall puffing factor of 103,7% (or 100% + 55%*6,7%). I don't think she will explode, but her skull might crack.
Has i ever occurred to you that Plague Inc is a Plague Simulator? Although highly realistic, i don't doubt some of the ideas for upcoming plagues are not as realistic as you might think. And ill also have you know that some of the symptoms were just things i threw together in order to make the post longer Tongue, so i don't doubt that Ndemic Creations themselves will take the idea for the plague but change up and/or add new symptoms.
"highly realistic" meh....
Thats what they say...
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