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Full Version: half life : Head Crabs
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Bombs earth with head crabs. Keep crabs alive. Upgrade their features. Upgrade your zombie feature. Prepare the world for a combine invasion or infect the world. Either way. Every one dies
From what i know about HL HeadCrabs is that they "manipulate" you by latching onto your head. From there id assume they infect you with a zombie virus. But unlike the Necroa Virus, you become a zombie while you are still alive thus, you don't have to die to become the zombie. I would assume that the head crab would be acting as a parasite and killing the host would kill the parasite too.
Parasite it is. Would be quite interesting. They are weaponised aswell so country targetting abilities could work well.

Transmission I guess would upgrade the crab itself and its combat abilities/sucsess rate. Symptoms would be the zombie traits and behaviour. Shld be a game where antibiotics are quite non effective too
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