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Full Version: Lower/change the requirements to unlock "cheats"
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Trying to keep it short but the basic idea is that unlocking easier modes when you "beat the game" makes little sense.
To me those unlockables are, at the moment, wasted. I bet most only use them when writting guides or if trying to get the related achievements.
To "fix this" I believe the two set of cheats should be addressed separatly.

The first four cheats are dull but great if you want to experiment. If you already beat everything on brutal though you probably don't need those anymore.

Suggested fix:
Unlock the first set only for a given plague when you beat that one on normal, so you can experiment with it to get something working on higher difficulty.

I had some fun with the other two (requiring mega brutal) and I think it's a shame that so few get to play around with them.

Suggested fix:
Imho "win everything on brutal" would still be too much of a challenge for many.
Link them to achievements instead. The more you get the more you unlock fun cheats like those two. But make sure even those playing without trying too hard will be granted access.
Could also be plague specific instead of unlocking them all at once.
I agree some of the cheats are disappointments. Like the infinite DNA cheat. I can't even use the cheats i want with the plague type i want (I think is Virus by default). People should be able tot choose the cheat, and select the plague type too. wether is Necroa Virus, Bioweapon, or Bacteria, it would be fun to just do whatever with infinite DNA (this also works with other cheats too). It would be fun to even combine several cheats together, and create the ultimate god plague that destroys everyone. so instead of clicking on a cheat and being launched into the game, you can click on the cheat(s) you want and instead of being launched into the game, there is a bar at the bottom of the screen labelled "Done" or "Continue" or "Launch" or something similar.
@ Crystalcia

What you ask is already in the game on Steam and mobile, make sure you updated to the last version. My concern is about the requirements to unlock them.

Have a good day !
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