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Full Version: Increasing Population.
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Hellow I am really love too play this game.
But now i almost cleared every section and waitting for new patch right now.

Plus there are something must be fixed so the challenge works make more reliable.

I cant understand why population just fixed as 68billion people.
I think that is not make nonsense. because our population still growing right now!!
so i am suggesting that we have certain raitio for polulations are still growing by time.

It will makes game more challenge able and make sense. And it will be fun to it.
That's one small step toward different maps. I want to wipe out mankind on Mars after they fled with a selected few from my bacteria on earth.
I want to be able to infect a Moon Colony ._.
ya i also love to have more different maps...

Even Alien worlds too set as harder then Earth world...
yes because the Aliens could be more advanced than Humans, thus they are less prone to disease and are able to cure it lets say 25% faster than Humans. Or they could weaponize the viruses they are infected with and use it agaist humans?
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