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Full Version: Competition - Create an infectious Plague Inc. GIF!
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We've got a more artistic Plague Inc. competition this month - who can make the most infectious animated GIF image of Plague Inc.?

Collette (our graphics artist) has already had a go and came up with this... Can you do better? Tongue

[Image: 614-2014-03-20-07-GIF.gif]

The GIF can be of anything you want as long as it is recognisably linked to the game. Some ideas to start you off - disease spreading around the world? A bacteria infecting somebody? Something related to Greenland?

There are a lot of gif-makers online if you don't have image software, this GIF-creating site is a great place to get started.

The best GIF will be shared with the entire Plague Inc. community and the creator will get to have a personalised in-game news headline for a week which will be seen by over 35 million players!

Post your entries in this thread - you've got until 5th September 2014, so get GIF'ing!

The Rules

- Entries must be submitted by 5th September 2014
- Entries must be submitted in either the Ndemic or Steam forum
- Entries must be animated
- Entries must be in .gif format
- Files must be smaller than 3MB
- Winner(s) will be notified on our forum after closing date
- No use of profanities or adult content please!
here is the link to mine, its the spread of a game that has gone, viral Big Grin
Plague Inc.
This is my Gif, i made something quick Tongue Maybe later i will make something more... "Elaborated"

[Image: 545318A94D3778A1F6367C2C9E89B44F07AF4367]
All Glory To Neurax Worm
[Image: Bshnyjc.gif]

Some Quick Work

Maybe il make some more ambitious stuff before the times up.

[Image: QYZlV4P.gif]

[Image: TOvqhd8.gif]
this is mine.. i hope u like it!!!
from Ecuador!


Looking good guys!
Hello everyone)
My Necroa Virus gif, because I'm a big fan of Necroa Virus.
[Image: necroa_by_antibotone-d7ww45v.gif]
[Image: VKyiN60.gif]

Spontaneous Combustion, Pyrotron & Thermal Reaction

[Image: rRih4Oj.gif]


These are cool - keep them coming! One more week to go Smile
(29-08-2014 09:19 AM)NdemicMarc Wrote: [ -> ]These are cool - keep them coming! One more week to go Smile

It says that the end is 29th.Today?
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