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Full Version: Who is for disease that tiger mosquites carry?
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tiger Mosquitos disease? mallaria?
Malaria is almost impossible to transmit from person to person, short of direct blood-to-blood contact between someone who has malaria and someone who doesn't. Endemic in Africa for this reason, due to mosquitoes, but not in other places.

With that in mind, evolving more zoonotic abilities (with insect/blood transmission at the start) and becoming airborne/waterborne should probably be the focus in such a scenario.
Probably right.Idea dismissed, please check my other posts Big Grin
Well, keep in mind that a lot of the evolutions in the game are to allow your disease to function in the modern world where it normally wouldn't be able to. For example, plague wouldn't survive long in rich regions in the modern world without antibiotic resistance, which you can evolve, and smallpox wouldn't survive without vaccine immunity, which can be evolved.
Thank you! Smile
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