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Full Version: [video] Bacteria, mega brutal, no gene, no special abilities (ENG and FR versions)
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Hi !

My first intent was to publish all my videos in one place, but you aren't allowed more than one per post. I guess I can understand why Smile

So here is the most recent one:
- Bacteria
- Mega Brutal
- No gene
- No bacteria special ability

It's meant as another example of the route to Greenland strategy (Steam guide). My win rate with those settings is around 2 out of 3 games. Tested on the mobile version as well.
Unlike my previous videos there is relatively few annotations. Dunno what you people like more. On the other hand the description is more complete and has time links to the different phases of the game.

EDIT: Same setting with live commentary in French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrQ0RcdCddU
It's a close one, enjoy Smile

Or alternatively you can tell me to go hide in a bunker and stop sharing Sad
Thanks for your video man, I completed the mega brutal mode with the bacteria !


Merci pour ta vidéo, je dois dire que j'avais un peu de mal Tongue
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