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Full Version: Alien Plague Idea (Alienigena Interfectoris) (Comet Pathogen) (New Strategies)
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Alienigena Interfector

Music: Thanks Alvaro Rodenas Fernandez!

For Potential Plague Music Click Here

From Latin

stranger, foreigner, alien; something imported/exotic; foreign-born;
(Definition provided here)
-Interfectoris- killer, murderer; assassin; destroyer (Souter);

(Definition provided here)

Tier 1: -Alien Parallel Evolution

Due to natural co-evolution pathogen has ability to infect humans. (It is to note lightly) (Pre-evolved)

Tier 2: -Human I

Pathogen gains partial ability to infect humans. (unlocks rodent I) (unlocks first part of symptom tree)

Tier 2: -Simian I.

Due to similarity to alien genome and further mutations pathogen carries the ability to spread by apes. (Unlocks Rodent I) Increases transmission in countries with a significant amount of simians. (increases mutation chance) (from alien parallel evolution)

Tier 3: -Human II (unlocks second part of symptom tree)
Pathogen now has the ability to infect humans. Although, it currently shows few symptoms.

(From Human I)

Tier 3: - Rodent I:

Pathogen has the ability to live in mice. (increases mutation chance) (from human II or simian I)

Tier 3: - Rodent II:

Pathogen has the chance to cause imbalances in neurotransmitters in some rodents. Causes rodents to rarely attack and bite other animals. (Increases infection rate in humans and animals) (From Rodent I)

Tier 4: -Human III (unlocks third part of symptom tree) Pathogen now has the ability to fully infect humans. (From Human II)

Tier 4: - Rodent III:

Pathogen causes massive aggression increase in rodents and causes them to attack other animals and humans. (increases mutation rate) (From Rodent II)

Tier 5: Air I

Pathogen gains the ability to be spread by the air to infect humans although rarely.

(Only if sneezing/coughing is unlocked)

Tier 5: -Water I:

Pathogen has the ability to infect humans by water.

(From Human III)

Tier 6: - Air II

Pathogen has the ability to infect humans commonly by air and has the ability to survive planes.

(From Air I)

Tier 6: - Water II:

Pathogen has the ability to infect humans by 'clean' water.

(From Water I)

Tier 7: Extreme Bioaerosol (With both Water II and Air II evolved.)

If Water II or Air II is devolved it will devolve)

Other possible transmission methods includes..... [b]

Dogs, Insects, and more.


Tier 1: Easier Homo Sapiens Infection

Alien pathogen can easier cope with infecting humans. (co-evolved with human I)

Tier 2 (Part 1 of Symptom Tree) : Chemical Paranoia:

Minor imbalance of brain chemicals causes minor paraonia in hosts similar to humans and humans themselves. Depression Medication may reduce most of symptoms.

Tier 3: I don't want to spoil the rest![/b]


Alien Pathogen Picture Under Microscope:

Your Alien Pathogen is unknown to humans! It is a special plague and a radically new strategy is required. Will you get what it takes?

Lab Picture: Mass Comet Shower "Biggest In History".

Scientist Picture: Scientist warns that pathogens can come from comets.

Scientists Debating Picture: Scientist condemns the now called "comet man" for spreading the "alien-virus" theory. Calling it 'nonsense'.

Picture of the Pathogen: Scientists discover world's most complex virus. (Once symptoms are discovered or blood tests)

Picture of Pathogen: The newly discovered 'world's most complex pathogen did not come from 'earth' scientist claims'

Pathogen Picture
: Evidence suggest 'virus did not come from Earth the CDC claims.

Computer Screen Picture and Someone Clicking on Mouse: The now called 'Alien Virus' has gone viral on social media. People are suggesting that the virus suggests complex life as it has the ability to infect members of Homo Sapiens.

Picture of Pathogen: Alien Virus 'Did not come from earth'

Infected World Picture: Alien Virus 'can infect humans'

Human Coughing Picture: Alien Virus is real and is spreading in humans.

CDC picture: Alien Virus has 'unknown genetic code'. Alien virus may have 'rapid evolution.'

Science Picture: Alien Virus may allow insights into alien evolution.

Riot Picture: Riots on research labs. What aren't "they" telling?

"Unknown number of pop-ups continue"

''SETI' gets unreadable message from 'unknown source'.

'SETI' unreadable message may have been spoken in 'English' although in major distortion. Source unknown.

'SETI gets message from 'intelligent source'.

Mass Panic Spreads "If Paranoia is evolved. 2% of the infected will die if paranoia I is evolved. 10% of the infected will die if paranoia II is evolved.

'SETI gets message in English, Chinese, and other major languages'.

'SETI reveals that an alien scout ship is trying to contact them.

Well....... I don't want to spoil everything........ But I got a ton of ideas and am wondering if Ndemic Creations could add some Smile

Special Abilities:

Not going to reveal these as well!

I have a lot more I could share with you but I do not want to spoil it for everyone so I will leave it at that. I will say aliens will be a form of enemy/friend and lets just say there will be 'curious' symptoms in humans.

I actually kind of want to work at Ndemic Creations! Tongue

So if James or Ndemic Creations is interested in adding it message me here on the forums or at plagueincstrategy@gmail.com

Feel free to comment on the plague type Smile
Thanks for use my fanmade music ^^
(20-08-2014 04:01 PM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for use my fanmade music ^^

Thanks! What do you think about the plague idea?
I love it. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
Man you copied my idea.
(21-08-2014 02:09 PM)AncientDeer Wrote: [ -> ]Man you copied my idea.

Nope. It is not based off it. Also, the aliens ship that is coming to Earth isn't exactly the bad guys and helps on cure research (hint, hint, scoutship searching for life)
I am assuming the speed of light is in effect in Plague Inc. so even if the nearest spaceship was in the next star away it would still take 3-6 years to get the Earth even at the speed of light which requires massive amounts of energy and is not very energy wise. I am assuming the aliens will scout and colonize planets without any sentient life but will interact or just watch planets with sentient life but do not have certain technology that would make them possible for interaction.

Most likely, an alien scoutship might try to save humans from a pathogen implanted by a million year old evil race of aliens. So it would work by the aliens sending their desendents into a generation ship that goes by multiple generations of sentient species in order to save energy.

Just know that this is not a rip-off of your plague.
(21-08-2014 12:00 PM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]I love it. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Can you make a theme song for it Wink
(28-08-2014 08:23 PM)PlagueIncFan Wrote: [ -> ]
(21-08-2014 12:00 PM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]I love it. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Can you make a theme song for it Wink

I already did it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECCM4h4bw8k
(28-08-2014 10:07 PM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]
(28-08-2014 08:23 PM)PlagueIncFan Wrote: [ -> ]
(21-08-2014 12:00 PM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]I love it. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Can you make a theme song for it Wink

I already did it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECCM4h4bw8k
Can you make a song for the Crysstaline Blight?)
werewolf plague theme first Big Grin
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