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Full Version: "Real" controle over a released plague and how multiplayer could work
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Hello fellow crazy scientists!

It always irked me a bit that you could mutate and controle your plague via magic/quantum-link everywhere at once. So I thought to myself "How would you spread a sickness while maintaining controle?"

First of I don't want to change the gameplay as it is now but add to it as an additional mode.

We as ingeneers of doom don't have the luxury to spread right-of-the-bat deadly plague everywhere with rockets like in TripleX to kill them all at once. We have to rely on humans and animals to spread it.

Where could we alter the plagues development in real life? For example in a place where the sick come together...hm...lemme think...hospitals!

You help "cure" the disease by giving a carrier of the old sickness medicine while simultaniously infecting him/her with the new strain. They will feel better for a short time and spread the new version for you. You could also "accidentaly" allow a breach of quarantine and so on.

While thinking about this I came to think about multiplayer:

Imagine you, your best buddy Dr Doomgiver and a handful of NPCs both controle are stationed at hospitales in different countries. You are manipulating the plague at your hearts content. Via the blue "cure airplanes" you can exchange different strains since you are the brightest heads in "fighting" the plague.

Introducing the counterpart: the CDC/WHO/goodguys

After finding patient zero (or realizing that there are weird mutations and that there is a bunch of other patient zeros with different strains) they will at some point notice where the new strains come from and start hunting you and your pals.

I have to admit there is a downside to my multiplayer idea. If the good guys were players they would immediatly know that the crazy scientists would be in a hospital so there needs to be another means of alteration.
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