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Full Version: What is the point of the prion and parasites special abilities?
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I never ever saw a use in the prion's ability to decrease human thinking capabilities.
I use the exact same strategy for prion I use for bacteria.
Spread the little guy around with a few symptomes so I get 3 DNA points for every infected country, enhance transmission, drug resistance and climate accomodation and finish humanity off with deadly, deadly perks as soon as they are almost all infected.

Are the perks supposed to substitute for the "make research more difficult" abilities? Because I never use these ever since I tend to evolve symptomes that slow the cure and use systemcombos like "walking dead". Worked even on mega-brutal.

For that matter I do not understand parasite's abilities either.

If you evolve the perks to decrease severity you will get fewer DNA points upon infecting a country. You can cram a ton of funny symptomes into the little bugger and people would only be as concerned as if it it would cause rash-sweating-skinlesion but it takes a ton of DNA points to develop them. And the lack of DNA points through everyday infection makes it hurt even more.

The tactics I used was evolving all the transmission perks with higher mutation rate. And then crossed the fingers and hoped for a good combination of symptomes-for-free. Worked on brutal but it was not a satisfying experience...
There is a point, but you just don't want to use that strategie. Maybe in difficults lower than Mega-Brutal, the diference between plagues are not so obvius. That's is why i want to create revamped versions of them with the Scenario Creator Tongue

Well, just for give some examples, i tell you some strategies that can synergize with those abilities.

First, the prion: I just start in USA, evolving the animal transmissions (Starting with the rats). That means that USA are going to be the first country completely infected. Using the Prion ability, makes very slow the effort of USA for develop a cure... Combine with a little letal symptoms, i gain some time to infect the world and, then, kill them all.

Second, with the parasite: This one is, personaly, one of my favorite diseases. You can hide, very well. In lower difficults than MegaBrutal, this means you can inffect all the world, evolving a lot of symptoms, without being discovered. In mega brutall, this means that you're not so noticeable, so if you are not so lethal, the people don't pay much atention to you, until it is too late... So, if you are not so noticeable, and evolve symptons like Swine Flu Combo... well, you can imagine. But, the difficult in this strategie, is the low DNA that you get... So, i recomend that don't waste so much DNA in Transmission, and use the gen to gain more DNA from orange bubbles (With parasite, tou usually gain more DNA with this bubbles... plus this gent, it's like 4-8 DNA from every bubble).

P.D.: Sorry for my bad english Tongue
Mastered parasite on mega-brutal today without the special perks and with the same tactics I used for bacteria, virus and prion. I tried it with the special perks for all plagues when I started the game but often lost even on normal.
Because of strategy. Maybe you don't like, or don't understand that specific strategy... You kwnow, is even possible to win with Necroa without use Zombies...
Well, the current game mechanics do encourage you to do ninja assassination. Spreading everywhere without symptoms and BÄM suddenly killing them all with multiple organ failure.
The game was made as a hobby. The original plagues were actually just him making it. That is why they are so similar.
Well, this is why we have a community-developer interaction, like in this forum, don't we? To improve the game mechanics so everyone is happy.
i dont know prion but parasite is symbiosis 1 2 and 3 which reduces severity
(27-08-2014 02:26 PM)camper255 Wrote: [ -> ]i dont know prion but parasite is symbiosis 1 2 and 3 which reduces severity

Prion special ability reduces cure research Big Grin
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