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Full Version: About prions symptoms
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I'm not sure of it, but I think prions only act on the brain.
Hm.... Sì. And no. Prions cause escalating misfoldings of proteins, these aggregate, the cell dies. While this process can happen in every cell to my knowledge, normal cells replicate rapidly and dead cells get removed quickly, so you wouldn't notice. The prions bad influence comes into effect when the brain tissue is being affected, the neuronal cells (almost) don't replicate in an adult, therefor a dead brain cell will not be replaced by a new one, causing irreparable damage to the important brain functions (not to mention loss of memory).

But yes, you would expect only neurological defects. But handling prions in a realistic way where the player still enjoys the game is not possible in my opinion. The realistic symptoms are too limited, the incubation timespan too long (approx. 11 years for BSE) and the possible transmission types too restricted (Blood, Ingestion).
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