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Full Version: Incubation Period
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Hyy Big Grin ...
i recently had an idea...
Diseases like Ebola or H1N1 were/are such dangerous, because they have an highly lithality and there is/was no Cure or vaccination for it. But there is one more thing... Because of it, they had/have no really chance to destroy the humanity Big GrinD.. i mean the incubation period... if the infected people could spread the Virus (plural of Virus? O.o) a hour after theyve got the virus... the humanity wouldnt exist anymor... but luckily it needed up to 4 days we are all alive and can simulate it with plague inc...

Ok--- How would it be, if you could invest DNA-Points for the incubation period?

f.e. you have evolved "Air I " and you can decide, if you want incubation period (when is the person ready to exhale the virus) of:
-1 week (its the same amount)
-3 days (it costs 1 more)
-or a few hours (it costs 2 more)

an other example could be Necroa... when does the person get this Sympthom...
or when is the newly infected drug ressistend

It also should be, that if a sympthom is evolved, it takes the amount when the sympthom occur the first time

And you should ever have the chance to invest into some of these sympthoms after you evolved them

[I think as tactic could be, the inconspicuous things do you set to a few hours (Air I Air II etc) then a week after the infection, when the person has spread the virus to everyone in his surroundings hell breadown with Tongue ]
Hmm....... It wouldn't actually be that bad of an idea. That being said some gameplay would have to be radically redesigned. I am still wanted them to go for Plague Inc. 2 so maybe Wink
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