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Full Version: Some ideas to improve plague inc
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Hello !
I'm really new to that forum and i want to share with you some ideas that i've founded cool
Idea - 1
When Ndemiccreations will relase the multiplayer and the cure side ( I hope so ) they can use the hastag #ouronlyhopeisthecure like "I just found a cure for <disease name> in <x> days ! #oureonlyhopeisthecure"
Idea - 2
In the stats of Plague inc, I'll realy appreciate the "fully infected country" stat ( helpful with the nerax worm for choosing which contry to send the last trojan plane Big Grin)
Idea - 3
The capacity to "re-read" pop-ups by clicking them in news menu

If you want to share some ideas, do not hesitate !
Thanks for the ideas!
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