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Full Version: My suggestions for improvement of Plague Inc.
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Hello everyone,

Multiplayer modes :

Plague vs Humanity:
Plague must kill every human, and Humanity must find and cure Plague
(There can be more than 1 Humanity , like American Humanity, European Humanity, etc.)

Plague vs Plague
Simple mode like " Who'll kill the most part of the world?"
The Plague that killled ( or neurax'd, you know) the most(in %) wins the round ( the game)

New plagues :

Alien ( o_O) plague

Alien plague is something between zombie virus and neurax worm.

Vine plague ( I know that was on forum earlier)

New scenarios :

Flying Islands

In this scenario you must kill everyone , but there can be no ships to travel on. Humans can only use an airships.

Plague Inc. infected the world ( Sry , but I really can't imagine a title for this scenario)

How you can infect the world, if the most people infect's the world in 'eir homes?
Try to do it in the world, where Plague Inc. is the most popular game

Waiting for your suggestions Big Grin
Cheers, on the ideas list!
(15-09-2014 10:19 AM)NdemicTom Wrote: [ -> ]Cheers, on the ideas list!

Including the Vine Plague?
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