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Full Version: Scenario Editor Suggestion
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Suggestion #1

you are able to set a value to increase a particular setting.
such as lethality, severity, infection rate, etc.

I was thinking it would be nice to be able to use values in the negative
range as well. that way certain settings could be decreased as well.

for example, a disease is able to get on a watchlist due to severity
and or lethality, but if you were able to purchase abilities to decrease
the amount, or give the ability to withdraw a disease from a
particular country/climate.

Suggestion #2

(what i hope is in the coming soon)
a world events/notifications editor, that would let the user trigger world events
based on time, infection, death, lethality, severity, or ability/symptom/transmission
this could give the user much more freedom to create more unique and custom scenarios. (example is the london olympics)
Thanks for the feedback! A lot more stuff is to come in future versions, we're still working very hard behind the scenes, more labs, disease types, functionality etc. to come that you'll hopefully enjoy Smile
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