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Full Version: Portugal is showed as Spain in the world map
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A great game.
I'm waiting for de final release, but why Portugal is showed as Spain in the world map? They are 2 completly diferent countries. Please, fix this BIG mistake, and don't put text spanish when we choose portuguese. TX

As you can see, this applies to more countries than Spain. Chile is part of Argentina, Alaska is part of Canada, som countries are group together into "Baltic States" and "East Africa".

Tom at Ndemic did so to make the game simpler and meant no offense. To elaborate, it would both be harder to press on the country you want to find out more about, and you would get too much DNA from the biohazard bubbles as you keep popping them.
ok, I get it Smile
But instead of Spain , could be Iberian Peninsula ( Portugal + Spain ) . Thus it would be correct . Thanks
Join us Portugal... xDD just kidding.
Yes , it would be really cool if there were players to speak Portuguese , because my English is not so good ... Smile
Thank you for being such a good sport about it pjrcapitao!

I do hope it gets a portuguese translation so more can play it.
(25-09-2014 09:41 PM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]Join us Portugal... xDD just kidding.

what do you mean by just kidding i also want portugal in this game Sad
I mean join us (spain) to be a bigger country together xD. Just a joke.
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