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Full Version: Portugal is showed as Spain in the world map
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A great game.
I'm waiting for de final release, but why Portugal is showed as Spain in the world map? They are 2 completly diferent countries. Please, fix this BIG mistake, and don't put text spanish when we choose portuguese. TX
This is something that people ask about regularly, but for the sake of gameplay we had to group some countries together. This was never intended to cause offence, it is purely a choice of the developers based on the ease of selecting different countries. Some are simply too small, Portugal included. There are many other countries that are not specified in the game, such as Republic of Ireland, Uruguay, Taiwan, Serbia etc.

There is also an option to translate the text in-game to Portuguese, both European and Brazilian. If you are seeing Spanish text instead, please send us a screenshot and we will get that fixed ASAP.

Thank you . Just want to contribute to this great game . I'm waiting the final version and everything will eventually appear.

Portugal is not part of Spain. The only thing you guys must do is call it IBERIA.

Its the name of the region. Dont call it Spain,because Portugal isnt Spain, neither Gibraltar.

The world has so many names,why you guys had to pick country names?

please change,its quite an insult Confused
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