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Full Version: WANTED: Slower Game Speed for Office Desk Players
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Hey so I Heart love Heart your game Plague Inc, and I'd like to give a couple suggestions that would be great for those of us who'd like to leave it running on our desks all day.

1) Setup ultra slow speed options for 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, down to like 1/60.

2) Setup a mode where the popups will auto disappear after so many seconds (5-30)

I like to play chess the same way, where I'll leave a game running all day on my desk, and then make a couple dozen moves throughout the day. I'd love to do the same with Plague inc, but it's too fast and needs too much input. Slowing the game down could let one run it for hours, and you can always speed up when you have a few minutes. So please add an ultra slow modes and popup timers.
Hmmm, interesting idea, we haven't had this request before - people usually want to speed it up!

In the meantime, try getting the metabolic hijack gene so that you don't miss any bubbles, and then rely on the events to pause the game now and again? You could always add back in the "Extra popups" to give yourself a few more.

Great to hear you are enjoying it otherwise Smile
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