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Full Version: Urgent New Cloud plague [Picture]
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I created another design plague Cloud.
The animations will take longer than expected wait a few days.
Nice! What sort of disease type would you say this is? Looks like it's mutating pretty rapidly...
A large cloud comes from the earth's center completely fatal for humans but for animals and as a divine protection with it the humans have to put aside the meat, meat consumption kills the cloud it moves from continent to continent randomly its lethality is! Extreme! 5 days to kill the scientists seeking a cure to spread into the air to destroy this big cloud however like her and a fully unlike any seen by mankind disease and extremely difficult to cure by its large size and extreme lethality she starts as detected 20% of all countries already beginning investing in alert mode all studies for the cure of this great evil, for being quite extreme way quick victory or defeat requires great skills in preparation.
sorry by spelling errors.
is more detailed in Portuguese.
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