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Full Version: Early Access Evolution 10 Released - Upgraded Diseases, AI and Scenario Creator!
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We've been working on quite a few different things recently, and that has all come together into one big update which has something for everyone, both in the Main Game and the Scenario Creator.

Zombies, Mind Control, Intelligent Apes and more come to the Scenario Creator!
The Scenario Creator has been a huge success already, and we can't wait to see what people do now that they can modify all of Plague Inc.'s diseases, as well as controlling the actions that Governments take to respond to diseases.

Diseases revamped and human AI improved
We've been analysing everyone's feedback on the core game over the last few months, and so have adjusted Prion and Parasite to make sure they encourage different strategies. Trojan planes from the Neurax Worm have also been tweaked. Last, but definitely not least, we have made significant improvements to human AI routines which control the identification and response to infectious disease threats.

Access to Necroa Virus and Cheats
The zombie making Necroa Virus is one of the hardest diseases, and many people find it difficult to lead their zombie armies to victory against the mighty Z Com. As a result, we have moved Necroa so that people will encounter it later in the game. We've also opened up some of the cheats to more players by making the core ones unlock on normal difficulty. You still have to beat everything on mega-brutal to unlock the final ones though...

As always, there is still lots more to come. We are currently working on expanding Scenario Creator functionality further, to let you create game-changing events and narrative pop ups for your scenario using powerful mod/scripting tools. After that we will be working on multiplayer, and then we will be doing final optimisation, porting (linux) and polish to get ready to leave Early Access! Not giving a date yet though Tongue

Hope you enjoy the update, let us know how you get on!

Plague Inc: Evolved - Update 0.8.4 full change log:

Scenario Creator
New Additions:
  • Added all disease types to Disease Lab, including Neurax, Necroa and Simian!
  • Added Government Actions Lab
  • General text and layout improvements.
  • Published "Friends-only" string size
  • Colombia put in correct alphabetical order in starting country list.
  • Reload of edited sea routes bug fixed
Main Game
New Additions:
  • Major gameplay update to core disease types following player feedback, particularly Parasite, Prion and the Neurax Worm
  • Upgraded human AI, making life more difficult for any potential world-ending pathogen
  • Added new languages: Turkish, Japanese, Norwegian & Polish.
  • Tooltip overhaul throughout the game. Improved text, positioning and dynamic data, such as showing boat routes.
  • Moved Necroa/Prion position in game so Prion comes before Necroa.
  • Cheat Unlocks: First four cheats are unlocked by beating all diseases on Normal. The final two still require mega-brutal.
  • Country populations updated.
  • Optimized saved game file; texture data is now stored locally while save data continues to be on both cloud and locally.
  • "New" tab for recently played Custom Scenarios added.
  • Upgraded custom scenarios navigation including search and filter functions.
  • Improved local caching and loading of custom scenarios.
  • Loading bar added for custom scenarios.
  • Improved refresh of star ratings in custom scenarios
  • New save/load system for custom scenarios.
  • Polishes to graph system.
  • Credits updated - including community translatiors.
  • General text improvements.
Change log for previous evolution can be found here: Evolution 9.
Hell Yeah, finally Polish lang is available! Big Grin
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