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Full Version: Not Another Zombie Game: Necroa Virus vs Cure Race Stacked Against Players Now?
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As the name suggests I am wondering if in the latest updates of Plague Inc: Evolved if the cure rate has been upped in a small part or significant part? The reason I ask is I am unable, for whatever reason, unable to attain this achievement. I'll start off by giving you the full details and feel free to point out something I may have done in error or I may be overlooking.

Necroa Virus Genome build:
- Metabolic Jump
- Creationist
- Aquacyte
- Xerophile
- Whichever was last selected

The game mode was set to casual. No cheats were enabled.
Starting country was India.

I've taken some screenshots of the game in progress so I may better explain what is occurring:
World Map
Abilities Setup
Transmission Setup
Symptons Setup
Graph Pre-Symptom Pop
Graph Pre Pop 2
Post Pop
Post Pop Symptoms Setup
No Healthy Left
End Game Graph

As you can see from the graphs that almost all healthy people were infected before it popped (6.7B in total). 113 DNA points in reserve before the pop. Abilities were maxed to prevent the cure. No transmission abilities nor symptoms were used pre-symptom pop.

As soon as the pop came up for Hyper Salivation I specced into almost max lethal and cure. For whatever reason though with all abilities in cure prevention, the cure seems to out run me every time on the home stretch, and not by a little bit. The most I have infected has been 3.1B, with as few as 1.9B.

I am either missing some important mechanic or something isn't quite tuned right. As you can see from the End Game Graph, the Cure over runs all cure prevention abilities, and within 5 months of cure start it's at 100%.

Any assistance would be welcomed as this achievement is boggling my mind.
Yes - this achievement had accidentally been made easier. It is now working as intended Smile
I've been trying to get the Not Another Zombie Game achievement for the past couple of days as well, and I'm running into the same issue. Similar to Alianak, I take all the lethal symptoms and all the anti-cure abilities, but the humans seem to always finish the cure before I can even kill half of them.

Are we just doing something wrong? Or is there a balance issue with the cure rate?
Hello to ya!...I'm down to 6 achievements: Super Sparrow, Lava God, Mr. President, Film Fantastic and NAZG (plus the published scenario that's in the making)..But this NAZG is giving me the worse problems..mind you I can beat just about all on MB without problems....I've tried a ton of times with at least 4 different guides and still..the cure just pours in so fast that you don't have a chance in hell of winning..now I love a challenge-n-all..but this is just a butt kicking Tongue..I have a diff issue with Film Fantastic..here I've gotten all but 1 million humans wiped out & all apes are intelligent (yes and I do the rampage too) but still have yet to achieve this (but at least I feel I have hope in this one, NAZG I feel hopeless) IF ANYONE HAS GOTTEN THIS IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS......PLEASE could you help a friend out (tee hee), by pointing to a few things that maybe work..or links to guides that still work ..the only guide I've found to have gotten me close was the Rabies/bats/India..THANKS SO MUCH Heart

MANY THANKS TO Scorpion The pop up coming in too late was right on the money..So thank you!
I have completed all achievements and about NAZG this guide works:


Sometimes the pop-up saying "Its a form of rabies" pop too late so you will need to try multiple times.
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