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Full Version: Ebola scenario
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Well, since the Ebola pandemic is going on, are we gonna get a scenario for it in the next update? And this is for mobile and evolved.
I was actually really interested by the lack of ' Ebola ' suggestions. I would of thought many people would of suggested this.

I would love to see a Ebola scenario but there have been many claims that the government is hiding information regarding this matter.

I would love to see how it would spread, but since Ebola is in a early knowledge stage there would be a lack of challenge, the only challenge which the government would bring is ' airports have now introduced screening ' and to counter that you may have to get a symptom called longer dormant time making it more likely to transport by air.

If you got any suggestions on how the government can counter this in game then please tell me, because right now I am clueless
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