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Full Version: 3D models: Bacteria
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I merely suggest the 3d models change potentially dramatically in relation to disease complexity. In a sense, morph.

This would apply to all models in some way but here is an example.

bacteria evolution

To grow hair, to multiply, to produce other structures(float with) and, perhaps segment, and eventually form a tail.

[Image: bacteria.jpg]

[Image: bacterial-infections-2343.jpg]

[Image: bacteria.jpeg]

[Image: salmonella_food-poisoning_bacteria_salmo..._P4543.jpg]

[Image: bacteria.jpg]


Thanks for sharing these images - they look awesome! Hopefully we can do a little bit more with the models in future, no promises though - a lot of people like them the way they are now too Smile
I like this.
This is something I really miss aswell. A visual cue to the viruses would "feel" good in a sense since you are progressing in the game. I'm not sure about making them glow like mad, just give some visual cues and maybe a slight hue?
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