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Full Version: Population numbers not updated
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Population numbers are not updated except when playing certain scenarios.

Artificial Organs ------6,811,136,495
Frozen Virus -----------6,811,136,495
Nipah Virus ------------6,811,136,495
Unknown Origin ---------6,811,136,495
Black Death ------------6,811,136,495
Created Equal ==========7,124,543,962
Global Warming =========7,124,543,962
Golden Age =============7,124,543,962
Ice Age ================7,124,543,962
Mirror Earth ===========7,124,543,962
Pirate Plague ----------6,811,136,495
Shut Down Everything ===7,124,543,962
Smallpox ---------------6,811,136,495
Sovereign Default ======7,124,543,962
Swine Flu --------------6,811,136,495
Volcanic Ash -----------6,811,136,495
Who Cares ==============7,124,543,962
Xenophobia -------------6,811,136,495
Bump. Still not fixed in
Sorry for the delay in response, we'll have a look into this and hopefully have it sorted by the next update.

Appreciate the reminder!
(08-11-2014 03:46 PM)YellowLi Wrote: [ -> ]Bump. Still not fixed in

Its nearely 7 milliard people by now.
This has been fixed in the latest update, version

Thanks Smile

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