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Full Version: Do you want to be an official Custom Scenario Judge?
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There have been an amazing amount of custom scenarios created on Plague Inc: Evolved, and we are keen to feature the best ones in-game. We are therefore looking for some experienced Plague Inc: Evolved players to help us find the best custom scenarios! Do you think you can help?

How it will work
Each month we will collect a list of the most popular custom scenarios. We will ask the community as a whole to vote for their favourites, but we would also like to get the opinions of some dedicated players.

If you are a judge, we will send you a list of scenarios, and you can give us some more detailed feedback based on certain criteria. We will then have a test ourselves of the best ones, and then feature them in-game.

How to apply
If you think that you are the right person to help us out, then please fill out this short application form. We will get in touch if we think you can help us.

Hope you think it would be a cool position!
i already sent, anxious for the answer!!! Big Grin
Sent. Let's see if I'll qualify in... Wink
Well,I hope there will be a mobile custom scenario editor/judge post...I am a mobile player,not a PC one.
already sent. Some scenarios have low infectivity of early-game traits... and I don't like it.

My steam name is 892459469 not 2001zhaozhao. Messed up with my name on other websites
Just sent it! Can't wait Big Grin
Hail the Neurax Worm!

Just sent it! Can't wait. Big Grin
Hail the Neurax Worm!
Being a plague Inc finatic, I want to be a judge but I don't have evolved. Now it's the waiting game for this on the mobile installment custom scenarios
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