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Full Version: One of the Best records I got ever.
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I think that Neurax Worm is one of the easiest game mode even if players choose Mega Brutal...because of its cheat-like skill(Trojan-plane)!
I tried doing my best in speed-run, and finally got 173 days to clear!
Lucky guys can surely get under-170-day records with the same method.
Please check it!

By the way, this movie is published some month ago. I wonder this method is still Effective.

Nice work! We did make Neurax slightly harder recently. Would be interested to know if you can do it as fast now
I just did the exact same thing and got 224 days. The best I've gotten now is 200.
Just FYI, I modified the strategy a bit (got trojan planes sooner and went straight for transcendence when doing symptoms) and I finally got 183 days! Thanks for the video, it did help me modify my strategy a bit.
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