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Full Version: Early Access Evolution 11 released - Multi-language support for Custom Scenarios!
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Evolution 11 notes
We're amazed by the quality of custom scenarios that the community is making and one piece of feedback we have repeatedly received is that people want to be able to translate their scenarios without having to make multiple different versions on the Steam Workshop as this splits the community.

Your wish is our command and we are pleased to say that we have therefore added the ability to have multiple languages for your scenario which means that people can play the scenario in their own language! If their language isn't available, then the creator can also set which language it will default to in this case.

This update also includes a number of tweaks and fixes for the game - see change log below.

Development log
We're keen to make sure that great custom scenarios get discovered by players and we are starting to look at them to see which scenarios should be featured. There are load of scenarios to look at so if you are interested in helping out - then please follow this link to become a Custom Scenario Creator Judge.

Our Early Access journey continues and the next Evolution (12) will add immense power to the Scenario Creator in the form of the Events Lab. This will allow you to create game-changing events and narrative pop ups for your scenario using powerful mod/scripting tools. The only limit is your imagination Tongue

We are also hard at work on multiplayer now and are having a lot of fun testing it in Office Zero. Will share more news soon!

Happy Halloween!

Plague Inc: Evolved - Update full change log

Main Game
  • Added pop-up crediting community translations.
  • Graphs for population now area graphs.
  • Updated main game population bar tool tips.
  • Added Custom Scenario search tagging filter for Languages.
  • Added text to indicate why there is no end-game replay for a saved game played on new machine.
  • Fixed bug where X button vanished in Disease Screen.
  • Number of text/XML fixes in languages.
  • Custom Scenario Descriptions scroll text issue fixed.
  • Fixed wrong text on incompatible scenario message.
  • Fixed display of custom tech hexes in both places displayed.
  • Missing Neanderthal completed image fixed.
Scenario Creator
New Additions
  • Translations option - SC allows creator to export game strings, edit the files and import back in so that the same scenario can host multiple languages.
  • Default spacing issue in Scenario Data fixed
  • Shrink to fit checked for all text boxes fixed
Change log for previous evolution can be found here: Evolution 10
good work! thanks
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