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Full Version: Filter the help poups.
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I honestly like having the help bubbles (extra popups), but I feel like being able to somehow filter them or at least get rid of the "newbie"-bubbles would be preferable.
I.e I like knowing if the olympics happened in london but I don't need to be reminded of basic game mechanics. Maybe "dont show this tip again" ?
Also being able to check the "full story" on the bubbles via the log ( top left corner) would be nice. Smile

I hope this hasn't been suggested, tried to search the forums.
Thanks a lot - this is a good suggestion, we do have a few people who email in about this one too. It's on the ideas list Smile
Yea I second this, the newbie pop ups shouldn't appear after your first game and needs to have an option to toggle them off altogether! This needs to be on the things to do list
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