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Full Version: Scenario Editor: Country Importance
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One thing I saw was that country importance can range from 0.5 to 1.5. Does 0.5 mean that the country will basically be looked at as like non-existent by others? Or will other countries just not care about it as much as they normally would? I would really like to see the ability to just set research efforts into effect for only countries that have been infected.
Country importance is weird -- it affects loads of different things, such as public order (eg. a given value for public order will have a different effect on countries depending on their importance). It also seems to affect relative country awareness, ie. a given country's awareness will rise more quickly if the countries around it have a higher importance. So that's probably also the mechanism through which it affects research, because the government actions that increase research funding are driven by awareness.

But I can tell you how to create the effect you want.

Start in the world lab, and set the medical budget for every country to 0.

Then define a set of events in the events lab -- you'll need one for each country (ie. 58 events in total). For each one, define a named country condition and a country infected condition, so that the event only fires in that country when its infection rate is 1 or higher. Then for the outcome, simply define a new medical budget.

So to express that in words, it would be (for example) "if country name = usa, and infected population > 0, then medical budget = 10000"
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