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Full Version: Start-Problem
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Hello, I've following problem:

When I start Plague Inc: Evolved on Steam, my Steam-Icon is marked green, but it doesn't launch the game (I don't see anything from the game). Some seconds later the game stops automatically. I've used the Steam graphic code: -w 1366 -h 768, too, but there is no effect. I'm not sure, but I think the problem has occurred by the last update. Before it the game had worked fine, even sometimes launching the game took a half minute.

sfbsemmel jr.
Hi there. Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Check out our solutions to common issues list here - http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthr...p?tid=1836

Follow the instructions for '"Need to be logged into Steam" Error', that should resolve your issue.
I've tried the solutions for "Need to be logged into Steam - Error", but there was no success. Now I have send the output_log-file to pctechsupport@ndemiccreations.com. Some months ago I wasn't able to download custom scenarios, but this problem was solved with an update. Maybe this problem will be solved automatically, too. Thanks for your support. Smile
Sorry that the last suggestion didn't work for you. We'll look into your output log and get back to you as soon as possible.

In the mean time however, you could install the Steam beta which was recently released. This has fixed similar issues before.
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