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Full Version: Pop-up notifications...help, please!
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I'm working on creating my first scenario, and I'm running in to a bit of an issue.

Background info: I'm using the Simian Flu as my template, with a bit of the Neurax Worm thrown in. I am trying to change all references to Apes to...something else. Angel

So, here's the quandary: I've been through every aspect of the editor, and gone through each and every action -- and edited them. I can not for the life of me figure out how to edit some of the banners that pop up.

For example, third pop up is "NEW GEN-SYS LAB TESTS VIRAL DRUG IN CANADA: blah, blah, blah...expected as soon as APE testing..."

There are a few of them that I've seen as I've played through. Anyone have a suggestion on where to find these buggers to edit them?


The functionality isn't available to edit these just yet - hopefully we'll be adding it in a future update. Agree that it would be cool so that players can craft some even deeper narratives!
Is there any update on the OP request? I'm considering building a scenario loosely based on an old cult Polish movie "Seksmisja", where all male genes are accidentally eradicated by an "M-bomb" virus - only females are left. This seems to be possible to do with the Simian Flu scenario, but I can't change the name of "Ape population" to "Female population" which kills the immersion...
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