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Full Version: Want to Make Videos and Guides About Plague Inc: Evolved and Plague Inc?
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Ever dreamed of blogging about Plague Inc. or Plague Inc: Evolved and be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers? Now is your chance! It is entirely not for pay and would be purely for fun.

There are many reasons you should want to join us but they include.....
  • It can be a great chance to improve your blogging skills
  • You can help people just like on these forums
  • There is a simple list of rules for you to follow!
  • Layed-Back and Fun Atmosphere
  • Just Plain Fun and More!

Any whom, we are looking for 1 extra youtuber for Plague Inc. (We already have Lathland and can see his first video here.) We are also looking for extra bloggers to blog for our site. If you are interested send an email to . You can see the additional requirements here. You can send an email to apply at yoitsspicy@yahoo.com.ph

We would as an additional request want you to at least put out 1-2 articles per week and would like a highly active blogger but this is not required. Do not submit your application here.
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