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Full Version: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
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Hey guys - James the creator of Plague Inc: Evolved here. If you encounter a toxic bug in the game, please report it here so I can get it squashed for you

Known Issues:

*** Updated 28 Feb ***

Biohazard not displaying on game completion: Fix expected Monday 3rd

Parasite failing to unlock: Fix released 28th Feb
Unlocked diseases being lost: Fixed with Neurax Worm update 28th Feb
Edit: I just realized I wasn't sure if you only meant in-game only or in general, but I figured I'd let you know Smile


So far the two bugs I have noticed are the following:

I finished the CDC "Patient Who" Steam achievement, but it did not process in Steam: [Image: 0mvzbAa.jpg]
(I posted this elsewhere, but I figured I would also post it here).

I also noticed that when I beat Neurax Worm, the bio-hazard symbol didn't show up:
[Image: EoTnpCJ.jpg]
i beat all on mega but no biohizard sign
I also have no Biohazard signs, eventhough I beat the disease.
Also, in Nano-Virus, the replicators don't actually work for weeks, but only for a couple of days, however, if you evolve the Cure Overload first, and like a day after the Replicator Overload, the Cure Overload will work for at least 2 weeks, but no longer. The Replicator Overload will work for approximately a week, no longer.

The Biohazard/Heart icon in the lower screen statusbar don't work properly. Once infected a country, it will only show the Biohazard icon, no matter if the country is infected or not.

I also managed to be able to play with EVERY Genetic Code, even if they are locked.
If I just double-click them in the Genetic Code list, they will become activated, and work in-game.

Also, here is a screenshot of unlocking the Necroa Virus.

[Image: Plague_Inc_Bug_4.png]

When clicking the Necroa Virus after completion, it will show you the message of non-availability, and safely, go back to the last Disease you played with.

I just beat every ''normal plague'' on casual, normal and brutal but i didn't unlock the cheat plagues Wink
While playing through, my friend and I noticed a particularly worrisome, cheat-like glitch. Turns out double clicking on locked genes will unlock them for the disease, and this can repeated on any gene, disease type, and any number of times across any amount of playthroughs. I presume this is a glitch, rather than an intentional cheat (though I could be wrong, in which case remove me ASAP)

Here's a screenshot:

[Image: 1024x576.resizedimage]


I'm really enjoying the game, but I'm going to deposit some of the bugs I've noticed.

1: Occasionally the oceans will "flicker," fixed by reloading the save.
2: I've beaten all the available plague types on brutal multiple times but the cheat plagues have yet to unlock
3: Double clicking locked genes inserts them
4: When looking at the map of healthy/infected/forsaken countries in the World menu, occasionally an uninfected country will be colored red.

Seen here http://imgur.com/a/CAwfJ where Norway shows up as infected on the map but is totally healthy. It might be related to deaths caused by natural disasters, there had been heavy flooding or an earthquake before I took the screenshot.
(03-03-2014 07:36 AM)Mister_Doc Wrote: [ -> ]4: When looking at the map of healthy/infected/forsaken countries in the World menu, occasionally an uninfected country will be colored red.

What he said:

Sweden's still healthy? O.o

The return of the dreaded XMLError:

XMLError: Eurozone near collapses

Version 0.5.5
Also with the gene Metabolic Hijack, if you pop an orange bubles right after the computer does you got the DNA point twice (really effective to beat Brutal Mode).

And if you save a game just before you win you can reload it then win again to obtain all genes very fast.
Speaking of the DNA bubbles, I don't have anything concrete but the genes that give you more points for popping red/orange bubbles seem hit or miss.

Also, while I was playing last night I managed to get both nuclear retaliation achievements in one game. I'm not sure if both events are supposed to fire in one session but hey it was nice having Spailin wipe out two huge research contributors for me.
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