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Full Version: Early Access Evolution 12 released - the Events Lab for the Scenario Creator!
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The most powerful Scenario Creator update yet is live! Now you can make killer robots stampede through countries, have zombies that spontaneously explode, or just put the entire population of Greenland in a rocket and send them to the moon!

The Events Lab adds vast scripting / mod options on top of all the other labs you can already use. Many Custom Scenarios have great storylines, however they still have the standard Plague Inc. pop ups appearing halfway through. Now you have the ability to remove standard events and script your own.

Better still, this gives you the opportunity to drastically change gameplay partway through. At the moment you can only set up how the game starts and how the governments respond, but with the Events Lab you can tweak variables (however small or large) at different intervals throughout the game. The scenario can react to the player, and the player will have to react to the scenario. There is a mountain of new variables/mechanisms that can be accessed now, from changing difficulty halfway through a game to bringing people back from the dead as normal healthy people (not as zombies!).

This update gives you an amazing amount of scope to do some really radical things with the Scenario Creator. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Development Update

Now that the Scenario Creator is fully functional - we are now shifting full focus to the multiplayer mode. We have some very buggy versions being played between the team, and we are very excited about it. We will be working as hard as possible to get it out,


[Image: 704-2014-03-18-05-eventlab.jpg]

Plague Inc: Evolved - Update 0.8.6 full change log

Main Game
  • Added new filtering options for finding custom scenario by Language & Topic tags.
  • Added rate up / rate down popup at the end of a custom scenario games.
  • Super Sparrow, Lava God, Mr President Achievements tweaked.
Scenario Creator
New Additions
  • Add Events Lab! Allows creators to build a whole range of events for their scenarios!
  • Added tagging system to allow creators to add description tag to their scenario (in publisher screen)
  • Added new Achievement for publishing a scenario.
  • SC now warns if Steam Subscriber Agreement not signed
  • Text improvements/updates.
  • Fixed issue in Sea routes where setting sometimes got lost.
Change log for previous evolution can be found here: Evolution 11
I wanted to do things like zomibe-maker boi-weapon, but not possible Sad
"or just put the entire population of Greenland in a rocket and send them to the moon!"

Yes. Just yes.
Cool update!
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