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Full Version: Community Winners - Have your own Plague Inc news headline featured in-game (Round 2)
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A few weeks ago we launched another competition to have your very own news headline featured in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved. We were so blown away by the response to the first competition earlier in the year that it was only a matter of time before we did it again!

Again, there was an incredible response, with 397 entries across both this forum and Steam! It was a lot of fun to go through them all and select the winners...

This time around - we decided there were EIGHT we wanted to feature in-game!

The winners are...
  • v3nd3tt4¬†- Ndemic Forum - Klingon new official language of EU Parliament
  • tau1996 - Ndemic Forum - Adventurer found to have faked knee trauma
  • Enti134 - Ndemic Forum - /?&XML_ERROR: help, I am trapped in a news box
  • rap21025 - Ndemic Forum - 'PewDieism' found to be fastest-growing religion
  • YellowLion - Ndemic Forum - Pop singer told to shake it off
  • Unicorn_Dubstep - Ndemic Forum - Research finds that teenagers go outside sometimes
  • Captain Murray¬†- Steam Forum - Italian plumber fined for killing turtles
  • Coolsy101 - Steam Forum - Hedgehog breaks land speed record

Watch out for these appearing in-game in an update in the New Year!

And remember - there is an extra special prize to be awarded if any of these headlines make it onto the front page of Reddit... (none of the winning headlines last time managed this - will yours be the first..?)

P.S. - as mentioned previously, and as with the last winners, a few of these headlines have had very minor tweaks in order to perfectly fit into the game
Thank you for choosing my headline!)) And congrats to all other winners!
gg Big Grin
Oh wow! Thank you for choosing one of mine, but I actually expected that to be the least likely. Tongue
I was really hoping for one of mine to b chosen, but congrats to the winners anw!
" Toilets banned worldwide due to waste of water" that could provide a ingame mechanic making diarrhea symptom better at spreading disease
I got some of mine:
North Korea government: "The Interview" is a disease
Racism murder of a white person in Africa
Texas secedes from United States (Must happen after "gun banned in Texas")
Common cold have killed millions
Clash of Clans refuses to be bought (Must happen after "*Whatever* considers to buy Clash of Clans")
Samsung hacks Apple
Users of new cell phone: it's a crap (Must happen after "Thousands of users have bought new cell phone")
New contest soon? Big Grin

I can already think of some!
Here's one: ndemic patches game, breaks everything. Or how about ndemic plans on fixing simian flu speed run bug on 60th anniversary of the film
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