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Full Version: Bioweapon bug
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Hello! When I play game mode "biological weapon " in normal mode and I turn on the ability " neutralization nucleic acids " ( level 1, 2 or 3) , lethality does not return to zero. Note: This is not a graphics bug, because the dead continue .
Ps: Im french, so sorry for my english ^^

Good day
As far as I know, it temporarily resets the lethality but after a while, it rises back up.
The change isn't seen visually (the lethality bar stays at the max level possible), but the lethality does actually reset to zero, and then gradually build back up to the max level.

The deaths may not stop completely (as effects in the game never happen immediately) but the daily deaths should slow significantly. Watch the "daily deaths" stat in the disease screen. If you see no obvious change in this, then let us know.
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